variable star

variable star
a star whose brightness varies from time to time as the result of causes operating outside the earth's atmosphere: see CEPHEID (VARIABLE), RR LYRAE VARIABLES

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  • Variable star — Star Star (st[aum]r), n. [OE. sterre, AS. steorra; akin to OFries. stera, OS. sterro, D. ster, OHG. sterno, sterro, G. stern, Icel. stjarna, Sw. stjerna, Dan. stierne, Goth. sta[ i]rn[=o], Armor. & Corn. steren, L. stella, Gr. asth r, a stron,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Variable star — A star is classified as variable if its apparent brightness as seen from Earth changes over time, whether the changes are due to variations in the star s actual luminosity, or to variations in the amount of the star s light that is blocked from… …   Wikipedia

  • variable star — Astron. a star that varies markedly in brightness from time to time. Also called variable. [1780 90] * * * Star whose observed brightness varies noticeably in intensity. Pulsating variables expand and contract in cycles, pulsating rhythmically in …   Universalium

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  • variable star — noun Date: 1788 a star whose brightness changes usually in more or less regular periods …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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